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Mojca Gabrovšek

GoGorenjska won first prize at the event DIGGIT in the catagory of Tourism. WoooHoooo!

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Karel Charvat

Plan4business is opening its thematic maps for you New functionalities were added to the WhatsThePlan portal (www.whatstheplan.eu/viewer) allowing better utilisation of our repository by external users. There are two new functions: 1. Integration of layers as Web Map Service (WMS) into your portal – you can now easily select layers from our portal, click on the WMS button in the Layers tab and obtain an URL of the WMS service. 2. Embed maps into your web pages – you can select a thematic map relevant for your website, define the map extent, then click on the Embed-Map button in the right bottom corner in map window and you will obtain an iframe code for embedding the map into your website. Come and use our maps for your purposes.

Thematic map viewer - What's The Plan

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Tamara Högler

Interested in IoT and e-topics like eGovernment, eCommerce, Smart Cities? If yes, please visit following conference "Living Bits & Things" It takes place with the well-established "2014 Bled eConference", from 2nd-5th June 2014 in Bled, Slovenia. Interesting presentations, discussions and excellent networking possibilities are waiting for you! You can register here: https://domino.fov.uni-mb.si/bled2014.nsf/registration?OpenForm http://www.livingbitsandthings.com/lbt14/2014/speakers14

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Frantisek Janke

On February 20th, 2014, the conference „Economic and Social Development of Rural Areas“, organized within project CentraLab, took place in Ždaňa, Slovakia in premises of main project pilot stakeholder – Association of Municipalities within Microregion Hornád. Many mayors from rural areas, policymakers responsible for rural development, local enterpreneurs, researchers but also citizens interested in this topic attended this event. The conference served as a platform for discussions about possibilities for increase of prosperity of these areas – including the role of social and technical innovations. Within the conference, pilot activities realized within project CentraLab in Slovakia were concluded. Within the conference, local farmers were invited to present their fresh products, and meals offered were cooked from local food products – both strongly creating local and traditional atmosphere. More information about the conference (in Slovak language) can be found on: www.regionalnynakup.sk

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Tamara Högler

CALL FOR FULL PAPERS AND RESERACH-IN-PROGRESS PAPERS - Extended Deadline (17th March 2014) We invite submissions in all areas of "e" research, teaching, and business. Encouraging submissions related to the conference theme; in addition to the traditional “e” themes; are related to the following topics: eInnnovations I Big data I Open data I Digital Services I Novel business and organizational models I eCollaboration I Enterprise 2.0 I Social Media I eCommerce I eBusiness I Interorganizational Systems I eMarketplaces & Communities I Mobile Value Services I Cloud Computing I eHealth & Well-being I eSociety I eParticipation I eLearning 2.0 & eEducation I eSMEs I eLiving Labs I eCollaboration I eRegions I eDependency I eTrust I ePrivacy I Research Supervision Dilemmas I any other aspect of "e". http://bledconference.org/index.php/eConference/2014/schedConf/cfp

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Tamara Högler

CfP: ACM Web Science Conference (WebSci'14), June 23-26, 2014 ACM Web Science Conference (WebSci'14), June 23-26, 2014 Bloomington, Indiana, USA www.websci14.org Deadline for papers: Feb. 23rd 2014 Possible topics for submissions include, but are not limited to, the following: * Economics and social innovation on the Web * Governance, democracy, intellectual property, and the commons * Personal data, trust, and privacy * Web and social media research ethics * Studies of Linked Data, the Cloud, and digital eco-systems

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Otakar Čerba

Link to the web catalogue of the Pilot Environment and Education was published in the EFITA newsletter / 636 - European Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture, Food and the Environment (http://www.informatique-agricole.org/gazette/efita/efita_140203_636).

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Joanna Rudawska

The representatives of Kielce Technology Park took part in the National Seminar devoted to the Central Europe Program. Warsaw 15.01.2014. http://www.funduszeeuropejskie.gov.pl/Wiadomosci/Strony/Program_Europa_Srodkowa_zaprasza_do_wspolpracy_150114.aspx

Program Europa Środkowa zaprasza do współpracy

Rezultaty osiągnięte przez polskich partnerów projektów i założenia Programu dla Europy Środkowej na lata 2014-2020 były głównym tematem konferencji, która 15 stycznia 2014 roku odbyła się w Warszawie. Spotkanie otworzył wiceminister infrastruktury i rozwoju Adam Zdziebło.

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Frantisek Janke

CentraLab Workshop in Kosice: Kielce Technology Park presenting activities to Slovak stakeholders..

Posted: 15:36 2014-01-17 ⋅ Comment

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Ana Malešič

We invite you to view the Portrait Book-centralab-project-part-12-2013. Click here: http://goo.gl/PVmq0s

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